Dangerous Medications

We expect the medications we buy to be helpful to us, and to improve our lives. Although we are all aware of side effects that can accompany certain medications, we make the best health decisions for ourselves considering all of the risks. It is unfortunate, then, when medications prove to be dangerous in ways that were unanticipated. When patients are unaware of certain harmful side effects that accompany a particular medication, they are likely to make a decision to take that medication that they would not have made had they been aware of all of the risks. It is important to be wary of all of the potential dangerous side associated with any medication they take.

Many medications are just now revealing themselves to be dangerous. One prominent example of this is the medication Depakote. The FDA recently released warning that Depakote can cause harmful birth defects, such as Spina bifida and other spinal defects, Brain defects, Malformation of face or skull, and Malformation of cardiovascular system, if taken by pregnant mothers. This led to a Depakote lawsuit in which these effects were brought to light.

Medication such as Depakote, which was originally prescribed to treat seizures, can often be very effective at accomplishing their intended purpose. However, the dangerous side effects associated with them that may not reveal themselves for many years can make the harmful to those in certain conditions. If this is the case, and the victim of a tragedy relating to a dangerous medication was not properly warned of all of the medications potential side effects, they may be owed certain damages.

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