Modern Technology in Traditional Fields

As great leaps are made in technological advancements, more traditional fields are slowly catching on to these movements and learning how to integrate them into their business practices. These days, everyone is attached to their smart phones. It seems unfathomable that just a decade ago this technology was unheard of and we lived our daily lives without it. Now, this technology had worked its way onto every aspect of our lives. As this becomes more and more prominent, business are realizing they have to integrate modern technology into their methods, or they will be left behind.

This trend can be seen in all areas of business. While many new fields have been create to adapt to and maintain these technological advancements, many traditional fields are catching on as well. Doctors’ offices now use online apps on which patients can book appointments, find offices near them, and even review local physicians. The social aspect of this practice is expanding the way people in the medical profession connect with their clients. Phone calls and written appointment reminders are no longer enough, many crave consistent contact available through an online or mobile app. Lawyers are realizing the same thing. Companies have been creating legal apps for attorneys so that they can better stay in touch with their clients. These apps allow lawyers to consistently keep contact with their clients in the way they are accustomed to – through their smart phones. These apps are customizable and personal – they have a human element that is often missing from legal representation. Though both of these fields are as old as the need itself, they are now getting a modern facelift – making new business decisions on their client’s desire for more convenience and customization. As these practices enter the 21st century, any number of new innovations seems possible.

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