General Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents often include enough force to injure someone and destroy property. Aside from the risk to life, injuries and property damages translate to financial burdens. There are the medical costs of injuries and the repair costs of property damages, and there is the possibility of lost wages for losing time at work because of the physical limitations sustained from the accidents.
Also, according to the website of the Chicago car accident lawyers of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, those who have been hurt in car accidents, especially those that have been caused by someone else’s recklessness or negligence, may have legal options. So, if you have involved an innocent party in your car accident, you have further financial damages, in the form of legal fees and monetary compensations.
The best way to avoid car accidents and their associated financial burdens is road safety, but before that, it is important to know the general causes of car accidents, so you actually have an idea what you are trying to prevent.

Driver Error or Recklessness

Drivers control the vehicles, so it is not surprising that they are some of the primary causes of car accidents. Driver factors can generally be divided into two – error and recklessness. Errors are legitimate driving mistakes, such as failing to use the turn signal or negotiate a curve during a turn. Recklessness involves reckless behaviors in the road, often intentional, like drunk driving and speeding.

Auto Defects

Defects in the vehicle or its parts can also cause accidents, especially if the parts involved are brake systems, door latches, seatbelts, and tires. Designers and manufacturers should be responsible for this, but not solely, because drivers should also maintain their vehicle to prevent wear and tear and inspect them from time to time for possible defects.

Auto Design

The design of the vehicle can also contribute in triggering car accidents. For example, narrow and long vehicles, such as SUV’s and vans, have higher centers of gravity, so they are more likely to rollover. If the driver is not aware of this, he or she may be particularly vulnerable of rolling over, especially during a turning maneuver.

Dangerous Conditions

Dangerous road and weather conditions are some of the most overlooked driving hazards. Conditions such as slippery roads and fog blankets can affect tire traction and road visibility, while defects such as malfunctioning traffic lights can create right-of-way problems.

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