Car insurance for high risk drivers

Aside from New Hampshire and Virginia, all states including Illinois require vehicle owners to have at least minimum of car insurance coverage for them to be protected in accidents. However, some insurance companies may deny coverage to a driver if he or she is considered to be “high-risk.”

Insurance companies consider “high-risk drivers” as those individuals who have higher chance of filing for a claim. While many insurance companies often make it hard for high-risk drivers to get a car insurance coverage, some agencies assist high-risk drivers to find insurance policies based on their preference. Vehicle drivers can be considered as “high-risk” by insurance companies if they have been convicted of driving under the influence of intoxicants. Such convictions, depending on the graveness of the offense often lead to imprisonment and hefty amount of fines. Drivers are also classified “high-risk” if they have violation records of excessive speeding, driving without or with a suspended license, illegal street racing, traffic violation that cause death, and any acts of recklessness behind the wheels. New drivers and elderly drivers are also considered to be high-risk drivers. Certain types of vehicles like sports cars, super cars, and vintage cars belong to the insurance category of high-risk.

According Franklin, WI car accident attorneys, high-risk drivers should not fret if they are denied coverage by insurance companies. Fortunately, there are plans called “assigned risk” designed for high-risk drivers to comply with the car insurance requirement in Illinois. Aside from insurance agencies, high-risk drivers may try applying for an assigned risk plan in their state’s Department of Insurance. Assigned risk plans are offered by insurance companies collaborating with the state. The state’s Department of Insurance usually considers high-risk driver applicants after several private insurance companies continue to deny them of coverage. High-risk drivers should understand that assigned risk plans are quite expensive compared to other insurance policies that are normally offered.

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